My name is Daniela Smith-Fischer but you can call me Dani. I am a Brazilian-Canadian storyboard artist with 10 years of experience in the industry.

Besides story work, I have extensive experience with illustration, traditional animation, supervision, and development.

    I have been storyboarding for 2D/3D animated projects and live-action
advertisements. The latest projects I have worked on are “Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie”; “Welcome Home Franklin” and the Sony feature “Harold and the Purple Crayon”.

    I am currently writing and producing my graphic novel. I have a
passion for fine arts, cinematic visuals, action, anime, animals, sweets, and sparkle.

    My top 10 movies are (in no order): Tokyo Godfathers, Perfect Blue, Fight
Club, The Fall (2006), Kung Fu Hustle, Chicago, Catch Me If You Can, Lilo and Stitch, Babe, Nightmare Before Christmas.

    I believe that the beauty of story art is that it’s universal and inclusive of any language. I want to tell my own stories as well as help others tell theirs to the world.


Story Department

-Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie / Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home Franklin 
Story Artist, Feb 2022- March 2023 (Wildbrain)

-Hisense Fifa World Cup (commercial)
Freelance Storyboard artist for live action commercial, Oct 2022 (Scheme Engine)

-Go RVing (commercial)
Freelance Storyboard artist for live action commercial, Jun 2022 (Soft Citizen)

-Zenni Optical Chicago Bulls (commercial)
Freelance Storyboard artist for live action commercial, March 2022 (Scheme Engine)

-Harold and the Purple Crayon (film)
Freelance Storyboard artist and animation development, Dec 2021- August 2022 (Bent Image)

-Spirit and Friends [season 1 episodes 01, 03, 06]
Storyboard Artist, Jun 2021- Dec 2021 (Doberman Pictures)

-Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu [ season 4 episodes 04, 10, 16]
Storyboard artist, Feb 2021- Jun 2021 (Wildbrain)

-Dorg Van Dango
Storyboard revisionist, Sep 2018- Jan 2019 (Wildbrain)

Animation Department

-Hotel Transylvania 4 [film end credits]
Freelance 2D animator, Apr 2021-Jun 2021 (Lightstar Studios)

-Johnny Test
Animation supervisor, Jul 2020- Feb 2021 (Wildbrain)

-Snoopy Presents: For Auld Land Syne and It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown [development]
Character animator for proof of concept, Apr 2020- Jul 2020 (Wildbrain)

-Proud Family  [development]
Character animator for proof of concept, Jan 2020- Apr 2020 (Wildbrain)

-Dorg Van Dango
Character Animator, Aug 2018- Jan 2020 (Wildbrain)

-Subway Surfers (web series)
Character Animator, May 2018- Aug 2018 (Wildbrain)

-Green Eggs and Ham
Freelance key frame animator, Mar 2018- May 2018 (Tonic DNA)

-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Wildbrain)
Character Animator, Mar 2017- Mar 2018

-My Little Pony [ the feature]
Animation Supervisor, Feb 2016- Mar 2017 (Wildbrain)

-Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Character Animator, Mar 2015-Feb 2016 (Bardel)

DANI SMITH-FISCHER STORY ARTIST, VANCOUVER- Canada, [+1] 778.317.9107 - fischer.design@gmail.com